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Digital Manufacturing

Modifying a digital model is fast and efficient. Partnering with us is an investment for the future!


Digital Manufacturing is an efficient methodology

Companies all around the world is speeding up their product development and saving money by digital technologies. They find problem areas earlier in the process and changes are easily made and cheaper to implement. It is also ecological as data is in a digital, rather than physical form.

Keeping design data digital for as long as possible, gives several advantages:

  • information flow between producer, product owner and designer is fast
  • development tasks are carried out faster and is cheaper
  • it is easy to modify any aspect of the design
  • mistakes are found out earlier
  • production only for current need, no need for large warehouses
  • an ecological method

What is digital manufacturing?

Digital manufacturing is a methodoly were product data is kept digital as long as possible before producing a physical part. All thinkable geometries can be 3D-printed and many produced with other means and methods as well. Changes, re-sizing and modifications are easily made and we are able to produce components for test and verification as well as parts for production.

What technology should I choose?

When the development work is done in a digital world, it is time to produce a physical part. We can use 3D-printing, Rapid aCasting or CNC-machining, depending on part geometries, size and volume needed.

As long as design data is moving in digital format between designer, owner and producer, we save money and the iteration is faster. Cost for logistics is minimal. Producing the part as quickly as possible, as fast as possible and in only the exact amount needed, we save not only money for our customers but also our planet for generations to come.

Fast delivery when needed

Digital manufacturing is fast. We supply our customer with very short delivery times, usually in a couple of days. This means minimal need for storage and warehousing as parts are only ordered on demand.

Modification of a digital part is easy and it can be changed indefinitely. Changing a physical part or mould is much more complicated and costs a lot more. To edit and customise a digital model is no problem, it is cheap and easy. We can produce 100 different parts to the same cost as 100 similar parts.

Ajatec – your partner today, and in the future

We have worked with digital manufacturing since the term was established. We can safely say that we have the longest experience of 3D-printing in Finland and Scandinavia. We operate a modern machine park and with highly skilled professionals, we supply high quality parts for our customers worldwide.

Technology will evolve fast in the future, and we want to remain in the forefront. Automation in addition to digitalisation will be key to future process development. This is a path, we already walking.

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