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Injection Molding

Single Parts or Production Series


Fast deliveries of injection molded parts

We work together with fast suppliers of injection molded parts. Parts can be made available in 15 days or faster and with Rapid Tooling, moulds are manufactured with short lead times. We offer more than 100 resins directly from stock, and are also able to provide customer specific materials.

We use Protolabs ( as our preferred supplier of Injection Molded parts, but if their service aren’t able to supply, we can also use other suppliers to meet our customers requirements.

  • send us your CAD file with digital data
  • we help you select material and manufacturing method
  • additional post-processing services can be added if needed
  • single parts or production series
  • very fast deliveries

Ajatec Rapid Casting is several different methods

For us, Rapid Casting is different manufacturing methods were we use tooling and moulds. Alternative manufacturing methods include vacuum casting, investment casting, injection molding, RIM- and RTV silicone casting.

In vacum casting we manufacture parts in thermosetting plastics, polyurethane or RTV-silicones. Investment Casting is a good alternative when producing single parts or small serie of parts in light metall alloys, in our case aluminium or zink. Injection molding produces recyclable thermoplastics or LSR-silicones. With RIM-casting we produce normally larger parts in thermosetting plastics especially targeting small volume production series.

We offer a broad portfolio of techniques and materials, which means we can normally find a match between our capabilities and customers requirements. Rapid Casting techniques include tooling investment and part costs, but depending on volumes and technical requirements, we select the optimal technique for you!

Ajatec – your partner today, and in the future

We have worked with digital manufacturing since the term was established. We can safely say that we have the longest experience of 3D-printing in Finland and Scandinavia. We operate a modern machine park and with highly skilled professionals, we supply high quality parts for our customers worldwide.

Technology will evolve fast in the future, and we want to remain in the forefront. Automation in addition to digitalisation will be key to future process development. This is a path, we already walking.

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