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We manufacture parts in RTV- and LSR-silicones as well as soft touch parts with vacum casting and injection molding.


Elastic plastic and silicon parts provides high customer experience

User often consider elasic parts softer and more user friendly than hard plastic. Using elastic colored parts in yourproduct, enhances the user experience and makes your product stand out from competition.

We offer several technologies to manufacture elastic parts in different shore values and multiple colors.

3D-printing - SL

deliveries 3-7 days Shore 30-95A Elongation at break 70-270

RTV silicones

delivery 1-5 days, 300x200x100mm Shore 15-55A Elongation at break 120-800

Vacuum Casting

delivery 7-14 days, 500x500x500mm Shore 30-85A Elongation at break 430-550

LSR silicones

delivery 1-14 days, 304x203x100mm Shore 30-70A Elongation at break 290-620

TPE/TPU Injection Molding

delivery 1-15 days Shore 22-90A Elongation at break 490-750



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