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3D-printing – elastomers

3D-printing of elastomers to verify soft and overmolded geometries as well as short series and parts for your production


3D-printing of elastomers has been a challenge, and all difficulties have not yet been overcome. Some of the most promising technologies are included in our portfolio.

More traditional means of production are also often viable alternatives when looking for manufacturing capacity for elastomers. We help you choose among the variety of techniques available to ensure cost efficient production of your geometries.

PolyJet MJF SLA Silikoni SLS
Color clear, black grey black white black
Hardness, shore 30 – 90A 88 28D 35
Tensile Strength, N/mm2 2,4-10 9 4 0.5-2 50
Impact Strength, kJ/m2 39
Tensile Modulus, N/mm2 75 7 27-72
Elongation at Break, % 220-70 220 65 160 510
HDT, ÂșC 130 42 150 90
Emulates TPE TPU Rubber Silicone TPU

Ajatec – your partner today, and in the future

We have worked with digital manufacturing since the term was established. We can safely say that we have the longest experience of 3D-printing in Finland and Scandinavia. We operate a modern machine park and with highly skilled professionals, we supply high quality parts for our customers worldwide.

Technology will evolve fast in the future, and we want to remain in the forefront. Automation in addition to digitalisation will be key to future process development. This is a path, we already walking.

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