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Elastic polyurethanes

Soft plastic parts with vacuum casting in 7-14 days.


Vacum casting for soft parts

With vacuum casting we manufacture parts for prototyping and short series. Parts are often used in final assembly testing, for marketing purpose or sold as production parts. We can offer a broad material portfolio, and materials can be colored and different surface structures can be easily created.

  • deliveries 7-21 days
  • economical in volumes of 5-200 parts
  • all-through colored parts
  • different surface structures
  • many different materials
  • also 2K and insert molding.
6130 UPX8400
Base Color opal white
Hardness, shore 90A 30-90A
Tensile Strength, N/mm2 16.5 2.1 – 16.2
Impact Strength, kJ/m2
Flexural Strength, N/mm2 64.1
Elongation at break, % 200 550-430
HDT, ºC 70
 Emulates TPE TPE


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