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Rapid Prototyping

Small, single part or multi-material, multi-technology project? Yes, we can deliver!


… is a digital process

We love prototyping! It is part of our identity as we have been involved in Rapid Prototyping since 1990s. Today we offer the latest 3D-printing technologies available but haven’t forgotten the other technologies that enables us to offer the broadest solution available on the market.

Rapid Prototyping enables fast iteration, quick deliveries and easy modifications of the CAD model.

  • Quick iterations
  • Hybrid solutions like 2K, 3D+RapidCast, multimaterial
  • Deliveries in as fast as one day
  • If errors are found, a new, modified model can be produced in a matter of hours

Prototyping is risk management

When we produce a prototype our customer can avoid expensive mistakes! This way, we ensure that the product, as well as the assembly works, before entering into more expensive commitments.

With Rapid Prototyping we help our customers to minimize technology risks, save money and via multiple iterations, develop a better product for the market place. Identifying a mistake in R&D phase is far less expensive than correcting it later on in the product lifecycle.

Technologies in use

When prototyping we want to get as close to the final material and geometry as possible. Even though digital CAD modelling tools are available, they can’t replace the look and feel of a real, physical protype. We use 3D-printing, CNC-machining and Rapid Casting as our preferred technologies for prototyping.

We have a broad material and technology portfolio in 3D-printing. We can offer plastic, metal and composite materials. Depending on part size, geometry, surface finish and intended use, we can propose a method and material. We always have alternatives to choose from so customer is not only locked to one alternative.

Ajatec as Your partner

We love prototyping! It is part of our identity and being a part of making our customers dreams and ideas come true, gives us true satisfaction. We were the first using 3d-printing in Finland and are forerunners in digital manufacturing. With multiple technologies and broad material selection, we offer our long experience in the field of Rapid Manufacturing.

Prototyping and existing technologies is rapidly changing and we will continue to be part of the future. Industry 4.0 means for us intelligent materials and products, as well as increasing automation, digitalisation and even robotics. Partnering with Ajatec is an investment for the future!

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