Our history

Our company was started in the late 1970’s as a small prototyping unit by the international engineering company, Elomatic Oy. The job for three newly employed prototype builders, was to build scale models of ships and machine rooms. (pictures available). Still today, Meyer Turku shipyard builds the largest, most luxurious and advanced cruise ships on the planet. Even though we still do a project for them every now and then, the manager at the time, Mr. Pentti Jäntti, started the journey to evolve our capabilities in the craft of high-tech prototyping.

In the 1980’s, Electrolux Group, became involved in our company and later purchased all its shares. Being part of Electrolux Rapid Development, meant for us a growth in personnel and a refocus of the business. From a standard model shop, our organization grew into an International R&D organisation. Additional engineers were employed and investments were made in new manufacturing technologies and engineering competence. At this time we were operating four CATIA workstations which today, doesn’t sound like much, but at the time even most large engineering offices still used pencil and paper with their drawing board and it was a challenge to get suitable 3D CAD files for our prototyping equipment.

While still growing in building prototypes, we also continued in 1990’s to invest in R&D of production methods and studying their suitability for manufacturing. Most of these technologies are still in use. Stereolitography, Vacum Casting, Investment Casting and SLS, were implemented during this period. Together with Finnish Technology fund TEKES and leading Finnish electronics and telecom companies, we took our first steps in 3D printing. At this time, we started our cooperation with EOS, DuPont (today DSM) and 3D Systems.

In 1996, Electrolux installed their first SL machine in Europe and we were part of that project. Our delivery of the first 3D printed parts to Nokia/Mobira in Salo, was an exiting delivery for sure… and not th eleast because of the excitement to get their parts to them without breaking them (used to be very fragile at the time). During this time our personnel was developing metal powders for DMLS technology. This unit was later sold to EOS GmbH and is today the core of their metal competence.

In the new millenia, we also had to take a leap forward. While 3D printing was becoming commonplace, a normal procedure in a standard R&D project, we joined forces with Alphaform, a German High-Tech company, to build Rapid Tooling solutions. Still focusing on 3D printing applications but introducing DMLS and Injection Molding into the concepts. As part of the Alphaform organisation, we focused our operation in Finland on 3D printing and Rapid Casting, while moving production of CNC machining and Injection Molding parts to our sister companies. This meant combining our own production with reselling of Group Services, which extended our Project Management and Customer Service abilities.

In 2015, Proto Labs purchased selected assets of Aphaform Group. The automated, digital processes of Proto Labs, enabled us to grow our understading of 5G, IoT, Cloud Computing and how to implement them into what is today called Industry 4.0, the future state of manufacturing.

It is with these 30 years of experience, that I feel safe stating my trust in our personnel, in their ability to meet challenging customer expectations and in their professionalism to select best possible technical solution for any technical or mechanical challenge our customers tend to place in front of us every day.

Looking forward doing business with you all!

Dan Björklöf