Direct Metal Laser Sintering


Technical Description


In DMLS a laser is used to draw upon a bed of metal powder. Maximum part dimension 250 mm x 250 mm x 325 mm.


Layer thickness 0.03 mm, smallest details 0.38 mm with most materials. Typical tolerances ±0.1 or ±0.1%.


Surface on printed parts is somewhat harsh. Often special post-processing of DMLS components is required to create expected surface finishes and features. Precise finishing of the surfaces (e.g. lustre turning), compliance with exact tolerances, adding threads or building of sub-assemblies, is possible via our finishing services.

Material properties

AlSi10Mg 1.2709 316L Ti6Al4V
Material Aluminium Steel Stainless steel Titanium
Hardness, Brinell 120 (HBW) 33-54 (HRC) 85 (HRC) 39 (HRC)
Tensile Strength, Mpa 360 1100 +/-100 570 +/-30 124
Heat transfer, W/mK 170 +/- 5
Elongation at break, A50, %  6 +/-5% 8 +/-3% 40 +/-5% 10


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