Selective Laser Sintering



In SLS we are abel to use the full volume of the building platform, which often means lower price per parts, especially in orders including multiple geometries and sets.


Maximum sizee of parts 700 x 380 x 580mm.


Part tolerances ±0.25mm or ±0.0015mm/mm.


We sinter in PA2200 (PA12), PA3200GF and PS. Our finishing team will create specific surface and is able to color parts in custom colors (NCS or RAL codes)


PA2200 PA3200GF
Color Valkoinen Off white
Hardness, shore 75 D 80 D
Tensile Strength, N/mm2 45 48
Impact Strength, kJ/m2 53 21
Flexural Modulus, N/mm2 1240 2100
Elongation at break, % 20 6
HDT, ºC 120 140
  Emulates best PA PA+GF


  • We also offer multiple alternative materials through our partners; 850Black, PEEK,…



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