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Plastic Parts

We manufacture plastic parts by 3D-printing, vacuum casting, RIM-casting, injection molding and CNC-machining.


3D-printing helps you verify your ideas

Ajatec is offering several different technologies to manufacture plastic parts. 3D-printing is a revolutionary technology, and we have worked with it since the 1990´s. However, there are also other technologies available that might even be more suitable to use in your project.

We operate a modern machine park and offer a broad range of materials to choose from.

3D-printing - SL

delivery 1-3 days, 350 x 350 x 350mm layers 0.05-0.10mm details 0.1mm tolerances ±0.05mm–±0,10%

3D-printing - SLS

delivery 3-5 days, 700 x 380 x 580mm layers 0.10-0.15mm details 0.76mm tolerances ±0.25mm–±0,10%

3D-printing - MJF

delivery 1-5 days, 380 x 284 x 380 mm layers 0.10-0.15mm details 0.5mm tolerances ±0.25mm–±0,15%

Vacuum Casting

delievry 7-14 days, 500x500x500mm details 0.5mm tolerances ±0.2mm-±0.2%

Injection Molding

delivery 10-15 days, 480x751x202mm details 0.1mm tolerances ±0.08mm


delivery 7-14 days, 500x500x500mm details 0.5mm tolerances ±0.2mm-±0.2%


Delivery 1-3 days 254x178x95mm (max) 6.4x6.4x6.4mm (min)

Why 3D-printing?

  • Freedom of Design
  • New, idnividual products
  • Fast iterations
  • Cost efficient in small quantities
  • Customisation of massproduction
  • Digital Warehousing
  • Intelligent products
  • Ekological alternative

Also, when is 3D-printing not necessary a good alternative:

  • As an alternative for existing products in existing volumes
  • Large scale production
  • Manufacturing of large part (at least not yet)

Digitalisation and its promises?

Digital Manufacturing is all about moving your product lifecycle to a digital environment, all the way until the physical part is needed. It is of great help especially when manufacturing rapid prototypes. Parts and assemblies can be tested in each and every step of R&D process, thus helping to avoid costly mistakes in the end product.

Digital Warehousing is one of the new opportunities enabled by digitalisation. Manufacturing-on-Demand is more an more common practice. Large storage of industrial goods is no longer needed as parts are ordered and produced when needed.

Another benefit is individual mass production. 3D-printing enables manufacturing of ten individual parts to same cost as ten similar ones.

The process

Our mission is to enable our customers dreams. For 3D-printing we will need a digital plan provided by you. Then process will continue as following:

  • 3D-CAD file is supplied to us
  • Selection of material and technology
  • Starting up the project at Ajatec
  • Production of parts
  • Finnishing and quality control
  • Ready made part shipped within a couple of days

Ajatec as your partner in R&D

We love prototyping! It is part of our identity and being a part of making our customers dreams and ideas come true, gives us true satisfaction. We were the first using 3d-printing in Finland and are forerunners in digital manufacturing. With multiple technologies and broad material selection, we offer our long experience in the field of Rapid Manufacturing.

We have worked with digital manufacturing since the term was established. We can safely say that we have the longest experience of 3D-printing in Finland and Scandinavia. We operate a modern machine park and with highly skilled professionals, we supply high quality parts for our customers worldwide.

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